Advert Production

Pace Media is a Next Generation TV and Video advertising agency with full-service production capabilities.

We take care of the entire process from compliance to delivery; specialising in fast turnarounds and highly competitive budgets. And because we are also an international media agency, we don't measure ourselves on the subjective standards of other production agencies.

We're not looking to produce something flashy to revamp a showreel, we are focused on achieving successful results from your campaigns. Our business thrives on running TV campaigns with low CPAs and high ROI... so a successful campaign for you is a successful campaign for us.

Whatever the production requirements – motion graphics, live action, TV or online; our production team will have it covered. And because we can offer this service as part of a streamlined package that caters for every requirement of your campaign: we can deliver for a remarkably competitive rate.

“Your success is our success. It's the new results-driven approach to production and it's what makes us stand apart from the crowd” Joe Morris, Head of Production

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