Next Generation Media Buying

Pace Media is a Next Generation TV and Video advertising agency: central to this is our data-led approach to International media planning and buying.

Data-Led Media:
Putting Pace Media right at the cutting edge, our media buying and planning is informed by bespoke tech, notably in-house developed CogiSim - which allows us to draw detailed information about the effects of TV campaigns, past and present. This puts TV right back in the centre of effective media strategy – the ability to target specific demographics and optimize campaigns on-the-fly makes it relatively low risk. So costs that may once have deterred advertisers can now be fully justified... our clients' healthy ROI from previous campaigns is testament to that.

International Reach:
Our experienced media team delivers global reach to our clients using a simple, transparent process. We maximise efficiency by attaining coverage for our clients in regions of the world where TV delivers the maximum returns on investment, and in countries with the least competition. And because we know the ins-and-outs of international media buying, the different terminologies and buying methods required, we make an otherwise arduous task simple.

This intelligence-led methodology takes on further importance once a campaign actually goes live. This isn't a case of buying the spots, sitting back and crossing fingers. Instead, CogiSim will continuously track campaign activity and audience response, so that we can shift emphasis across placements and territories; adjust frequencies and make tactical alterations. This means our clients' campaigns are dynamic, cost-efficient and highly effective.

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