Data Analysis

Pace Media is a Next Generation TV and Video advertising agency that prides itself on a results-driven approach.

We use the latest advancements in machine-learning to develop tools that continually analyse and track performance with unprecedented accuracy. Our Data Science team will share and help interpret detailed metrics throughout – to ensure your advertisements work to optimum effect.

The depth and consistency of our analytical endeavours are what really sets Pace apart as an agency – as this is fed into each aspect of planning, buying, production and delivery. With greater levels of intelligent insight, we are able to provide the best possible strategic advice. It's a collaborative approach that has proved fruitful for both our clients and us, time after time.

We don't entertain guesswork at Pace Media. We drill down into the details of what is actually happening when your campaign goes live, and build continuously on what is proven to work. What's more, as a client, you'll have full access to our bespoke CogiSim dashboard: making our performance data as transparent and accurate as possible.

Get in touch today to find out how Pace Media and CogiSim can help ensure the success of your campaign.