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In its new data-centric form, TV advertising is once again considered a crucial part of the marketing mix; with levels of data that can make TV a relatively low-risk proposition. Exposures can be highly targeted and resulting data can be scrutinized down to the smallest detail. Performance can be thoroughly analysed and optimised, and continually improved upon.

Our experience and insight in this area is at the core of everything we do: and by underpinning the entire advertising process in this way, our all-in-one response to your complete campaign brief will be based firmly on proven strategies and buying tactics that bring the best possible results.

Unlike more traditional production agencies, Pace is primarily a Media Agency. So we're not focused on the margins or profitability of the production process – we simply aim to provide all the assets required to support a successful campaign, that outperforms expectations and offers higher ROI and lower CPA.

More than capable of handling everything from 3D animation to live-action, we produce exactly what's needed at an extremely competitive rate, meeting the strictest of deadlines. What's more, everything we deliver will be fully compliant and ready to clear in an instant.

This data-driven approach really gains pace once your campaign is live. Through CogiSim, our proprietary TV tracking tool, we are able to track and analyse TV campaigns in granular detail: allowing for campaign optimisation on a daily basis, leading to greater efficiency and ultimately improving ROI.

We even run our own TV campaigns, across multiple territories, to give clean data that tests hypotheses and insights into how audiences respond to certain criteria. Combined with the collated results from real campaigns run in the past, we have accrued plentiful data on which to base our tried and tested attribution models.