TSW (formerly Pace Media)

A Next Generation TV and Video advertising agency

Through our tech and data innovation we think differently about our relationship with advertisers.

We embrace emerging technology and use it to develop tools that will improve the return on advertising spend, speed up the process of planning and booking campaigns and give the client greater control over their advertising activity. And by placing more power in the client’s hands we are set apart from the old guard of agencies.

We accept that there are brands for which traditional TV advertising agencies will tick all the boxes, deliver acceptable results and make them feel safe. And there are brands who believe in and are happy with online and other media because it’s just always worked for them.

But we’re not interested in these brands.

We work with brands that see long term opportunity when others see short term risk. Brands that ask themselves ‘is this the best way or just the way we’ve always done it?’. Brands that are prepared to invest in sustained, data-led advertising in order to climb the next rung of the ladder. Brands that see the benefit of working with a specialist TV and Video advertising company rather than a generalist agency that covers all the bases.

We work with companies that are like us: innovative, challenging, inquisitive, risk taking and explorative. They are the exciting brands of the future, challenging the conventions of their industry, in the knowledge that standing still is as good as going backwards.

If this sounds like your brand we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch today to find out how we can help with your next campaign.